What I Did on my Summer Vacation


It’s not the beach, but it’ll do.

Since we last left our hero aspiring author …

I started writing this update the first week of August. Since I’m just getting around to posting it, I think we can all agree this bodes well for the future. But my time away has not been completely unproductive.

June began with a minor surgery. That’s right, folks. I no longer have all of my original parts. Who needs a gallbladder or appendix anyway? On the sunny side, I earned a whole week off. Unfortunately I was too busy enjoying the good drugs and sleeping them off to take advantage of the time. From that auspicious start, the summer could only get better.

The highlights for my clan this summer have been camp, art classes, swimming, Mimi’s visit, and museum trips galore. (Blue Star Museums is a wonderful program!)

I managed to complete the sequel to Recycled, tentatively titled Reused, and sent it off to my editor and friend, Max. She wowed me with her lightning fast turnaround, so I’m working on editing and revising that now. This was a HUGE deal for me. It’s the first book I’ve written solo since the twinions were born. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I could meet a deadline (even a self-imposed one) and balance life at home. My juggling could use some work, but with the support of my amazing family, I did it! Now I’ve got to work up my courage to publish again …

We homeschool year-round, but our summer schedule is much more lax. With school starting back up here in the north and our co-op and various clubs kicking in gear, we’ll be buckling down this week. I’m super excited about the new opportunities coming up and slightly intimidated by our calendar. It’s going to be a great academic year!

What about you? Anything you feel like sharing with the class?

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