More About Nic

Disclaimer: I’m pretty boring.

If you want more info about me without extraneous stalking and the risk of those pesky restraining orders, this page is for you. If my life suddenly becomes bizarrely entertaining, I’ll add a bit below.

  1. Christian woman married fifteen years to a Christian military man. (Five children are the by-product.)
  2. I started couponing ( a direct result of #4 ). My 10year old thinks it’s really cool that we’ll never run out of toilet paper or crackers. He also proudly claims I’m an extreme couponer, but I can neither confirm nor deny that accusation at this time.
  3. I homeschool my minions, yet I do not own a pair of 80’s whitewash overalls, which makes me kinda sad. I don’t think that public school is evil. This lifestyle is just the best fit for my peeps.
  4. I watch trashy reality TV to feel better about myself. When we returned from my father’s funeral, my emotional pain feasted upon Toddlers and Tiaras and Hoarders. It’s petty but effective.
  5. I paint my toe nails, but not my finger nails. I get a bit OCD about picking of the polish once it chips, and I can ignore my feet better than my hands.
  6. My favorite Doctor is Chris Eccleston. My new obsession is Sherlock.
  7. I get ridiculously excited when I hear the intro to Under Pressure because I mistake it for Ice Ice Baby. I inevitably feel let down even though Queen stomps Vanilla Ice every single time.
  8. I discovered a fear of heights while on an elevator heading up to the Willis Tower Skydeck. ( I think it was around the time we passed the height of a giraffe.) My husband, who makes his living in the belly of a plane looking down at the ground, was not impressed. However, skydiving is still featured on my bucket list.
  9. I’m incredibly indecisive. If you’ve ever been stuck behind me in the drive thru, I apologize.
  10. My biggest pet peeve while reading is the overuse of ellipses. If you’ve ever read any of my writing, you’ll see that this is def a pot/kettle situation. It’s still annoying, and I apologize.
  11. I apologize a lot. It’s almost always sincere. Even if I later change my mind…
  12. Mindy Kaling’s book destroyed my love for Jack and Diane, but cemented my admiration for her. She’s brilliant. I no longer feel alone among the lipstick-challenged. Still haven’t figured out my natural lip line though.
  13. I’m always listening to music, but I frequently misunderstand the lyrics. My kids find it hilarious. For now.
  14. I despise almost all movie adaptations of books.
  15. The only thing I’ve ever successfully grown is the aforementioned children. I have a black thumb. My spirit is willing and eager, but the plants … They all die.

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