It’s here!!!

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I would like you all to take a moment to don your best Oprahesque, smartly tailored, fat minimizing suit of enthusiasm and join me today in celebrating the release of my new book Recycled!

It’s available here or here (along with this discount code until the 31st)!

Buy it! Read it! I really hope you love it! Or at least finish it …

Hugs and glomps,

P.S. Normally I would apologize for all of the superfluous exclamation marks, but nope. Not today.  Because today, it’s finally here!!!!111one11!!!!!! I think I should get points for the lack of shouty caps.

Exclusive Discount Code

recycled thumbnail 600dpi

To say a big thank you for all of the support and love, here’s a discount code for the new book just for you!

Exclusive discount code: Q75QMCZD

This will give you five dollars off of the list price through the Createspace store. The code is good from today until March 31, 2015.

So go forth and buy!

(If you get a second after reading Recycled, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. If you’re like me, whenever you consider a purchase nowadays, you check out the reviews first. I’d really  appreciate it!)

And don’t forget to let me know what you think of the new book!

Cover Revealed!

The cover is here!

My amazing editor and friend Maxann Dobson from The Polished Pen referred me to artist Paul Copello, founder of, for an original cover to match my latest venture into insanity Recycled.  This is the end product of our collaboration, his genius, and a few email chains.

recycled thumbnail 600dpi

The back cover is even better, but I can’t go spoiling everything.