New Words are Born

dictionary(Or more accurately, a few bastardized words have been legitimized.)

MacGyvered is officially recognized as a verb. I can now die complete.

‘Cat café’ and other words added to

Although I use many of the phrases and words included in the update, I’m not sure how I feel about them being legit. The eloquence and romance of the spoken word has certainly diminished since Shakespeare’s day, but I’m almost embarrassed that manspreading, rly, and bruh are our society’s contribution to the English language.

Then again, I guess it’s NBD. The next time I rage-quit Halo during family game night (aka kill-a-ja-mama time) I’ll know that I’m not alone.

My New Favorite Card

How can Magic the Gathering ensnare me further in their complicated world of beautiful art and complex storylines? (Assuming my sincere, well-meaning suggestion of mandatory deodorant use for all players is rejected …)


By appealing to my inner grammar goddess with more cards like this!

And no, tallest one, I’ve already told you that  reading Magic the Gathering cards does not contribute to credit for  English or Lit. Try again.